Our vision

Lead the Aging Revolution in Israel and bring more marketers, entrepreneurs,
investors and stakeholders to the global Aging and Longevity markets.

Aging Tech Israel

Bringing the Start-Up Nation to the Aging Revolution

The Aging Tech and Longevity markets are booming.

Entrepreneurs, startups, global companies, and international corporates, as well as private investors, VC's, governments, NGO's, institutions and researchers, are in a race to meet the new demands of Billions of seniors around the world.

Aging & Longevity create huge business opportunities for all stakeholders thus innovation is the disruptive base for all future developments in these fields.

The main goal for Aging Tech Israel Group is to serve as an international focal point for innovation, new technologies and out-of-the-box initiatives.

We call for all stakeholders who wish to address the Aging and Longevity global markets to take part in our on-line and off-line activities, share knowledge, recommendations and professional tips with fellow group members.

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